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FillPure Reverse Osmosis
Water Purification System

With the FillPure Water Purification System, you’ll tap into your incoming water line to supply your pharmacy with unlimited Purified Water on demand. This system is ideal for reconstitution or any other task that requires purified water.

The FillPure reverse osmosis water purification system uses a series of six filters to remove impurities from your water. Source water enters the RO and passes through the sediment and carbon filters, which remove debris down to 10 microns, as well as chlorine. The water is then forced through a semipermeable membrane that separates out total dissolved solids (TDS). The water passes through a second carbon filter for polishing and then the mixed bed deionizing filter which removes remaining conductivity. Before the water is dispensed, the Zerobac filter blocks any residual bacteria, viruses, and turbidity.

Fillmaster Dispensers for Automated Reconstitution

The stress-free solution for reconstitution.

The latest in water dispensing technology for pharmacies, our Fillmaster and FLAVORx dispensers make filling liquid prescriptions an effortless part of pharmacy workflow. Fully automated reconstitution makes a once time-consuming process much more efficient, leaving pharmacy staff with more time to dedicate to patients. Connect your dispenser to your pharmacy’s Wi-Fi to access over-the-air database and NDC updates and record-keeping capability.

  • Fully automated water dispensing for reconstitution
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for software & database updates
  • 5” touchscreen display
  • Connects to FillPure Water Purification System
  • Barcode scanning with over 6,500 NDC’s

Enjoy the highest quality water with FillPure