About FillPure

For both home and business, water is an absolutely essential resource. FillPure gives you the peace of mind that your water is of the highest quality.

FillPure pairs top of the line water filtration systems with maintenance provided a by a nationwide network of certified water quality technicians. With a FillPure service plan, a technician will provide all of the essential service needed to keep your system supplying unlimited purified water, day in and day out.

From a single home, to a small business, to a large company with locations around the country, our team of technicians around the United States can provide the attention and service your water system needs.

Since 2015, FillPure has helped the nation’s leading pharmacies provide patients with the highest quality water. Through FillPure’s affiliation with Fillmaster Systems, pharmacies pair their water filtration system with an automated water dispenser to streamline the process of filling liquid prescriptions. Many integrate the FLAVORx service to provide patients with custom-flavored liquid medications.

Whether you need purified water for reconstitution in a healthcare setting or clean, readily available drinking water for your business or home, FillPure has a solution for you.

We're All About Quality

At FillPure, we provide top of the line reverse osmosis water filtration equipment and white glove maintenance plans to ensure you’ll have high quality water free from contaminants.

Certified Technicians

With a FillPure service plan, a certified technician will perform the essential maintenance your system needs to continue producing high quality water for years to come. FillPure technicians are water quality experts whose breadth of knowledge and experience will keep your system operating in peak condition. During your annual visit, the technician will change the filters, perform water quality tests, sanitize the system, and check the entire system and perform repairs if needed. Our service network spans the United States, so whether you need maintenance performed at your home or your business with locations around the country, FillPure has you covered.

Water Filtration Systems

The FillPure reverse osmosis water purification system uses a series of six filters to remove impurities from your water. Source water enters the RO and passes through the sediment and carbon filters, which remove debris down to 10 microns, as well as chlorine. The water is then forced through a semipermeable membrane that separates out total dissolved solids (TDS). The water passes through a second carbon filter for polishing and then the mixed bed deionizing filter which removes remaining conductivity. Before the water is dispensed, the Zerobac filter blocks any residual bacteria, viruses, and turbidity.

What's In It For You?

With a FillPure water filtration system maintained by a certified technician, you can be confident your water is safe and free from potentially harmful bacteria, total dissolved solids (TDS), and conductive ions. Annual bacteria tests help to monitor your water quality and give you peace of mind that your water is meeting industry standards.

Time Saving
Our white glove service ensures your water system will function in peak condition for years to come. No need to waste time ordering filters and parts and tinkering under the sink, our water quality technicians will complete your system’s necessary maintenance from end to end.

Cost Efficiency
Stop wasting money on bottled water – with FillPure, our technicians tap into your existing water supply to provide an unlimited quantity of fresh, clean, filtered water. The annual maintenance visit is also covered under a flat fee and helps to reduce the need for costly plumbing visits.

Trusted Service
When your home or business is covered by a service plan, you’re covered by our national network of certified water quality technicians. Our technicians are experts in providing maintenance needed to keep your system operating in peak condition, as well as diagnosing and repairing potential issues.

Peace of Mind
You have enough on your plate without worrying about maintaining your water system – let our water quality experts handle it. After each visit, you’ll have access to a report detailing maintenance performed, test results, and any potential plumbing issues that need to be addressed.

Our attention to your water system continues even after your FillPure technician has completed maintenance. After each technician visit, a member of our technical support staff will call to confirm you were satisfied with your visit and that your system is working properly. Each visit is fully warrantied.

Enjoy the highest quality water with FillPure