Setting the Standard
in Water Quality.

Enjoy the highest quality water and peace of mind with FillPure.

What Is FillPure?

The FillPure water filtration program ensures that you will have continuous access to the highest quality water for non-sterile compounding, reconstitution, or any other use. As a member of FillPure, you will join a network of over 23,000 locations nationwide that get the absolute standard in reverse osmosis water filtration.

FillPure offers everything you need to access the highest quality water, including a 6-stage Reverse Osmosis system, water cooler, automated dispenser, and white glove service plans.

Why FillPure?

The FillPure water purification system filters out potentially harmful bacteria and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) so that you enjoy continuous access to the highest quality water. Annual bacteria tests help to monitor your water quality and give you peace of mind that your system is meeting industry standards.

Time Saving
With a service plan from FillPure, you’ll be able to free yourself up from the tedious task of maintaining the operation of a filtration system by having our certified technicians do all the heavy lifting. A Fillmaster dispenser will also provide you with lightning-fast accurate water for any use.

Cost Efficiency
Because the FillPure water purification system supplies an unlimited quantity of filtered water, you can eliminate the expense of costly bottles of distilled water. The yearly maintenance visit by a certified FillPure technician also helps reduce or eliminate costly plumbing visits

Trusted Service
FillPure is trusted to provide the highest quality water by more than 23,000 business locations nationwide, including some of the biggest retail pharmacies in the country, including CVS, Walgreens, Publix, Kroger, and more.

Here’s what you’ll get with a FillPure service plan:

Annual in-store maintenance visit
by a FillPure technician

All filters and replacement parts

Access to FillPure Portal for
real-time reporting

24/7 phone and online support

Fillmaster dispenser database
updates, where applicable

Complete repair/replacement
warranty on all equipment,
including dispenser

Water filtration and dispensing solutions from FillPure

The FillPure water purification system provides the highest quality water for any use, including non-sterile compounding and reconstitution.

Through FillPure’s affiliation with Fillmaster and FLAVORx, we can supply automated water dispensers to fit the needs of any pharmacy or business.

Trusted by the nation’s biggest retailers in health & wellness

Enjoy the highest quality water with FillPure