Fillpure’s technicians are trained and certified pharmacy quality water technicians. Their extensive knowledge of water quality, specifically in the pharmacy, will help give you an ease of mind that you are reconstituting your customers medications with the highest quality water possible. From installation to annual visits, Fillpure technicians are there to help create a better pharmacy.


To make sure that we are always servicing your pharmacy with the best equipment possible as well as assuring that you are reconstituting with quality of water, Fillpure has designed a lab to continuously work on how we can improve ourselves. Within our lab we conduct quality and product testing to assure that our products are durable and effective.  Within your pharmacies and in our lab our certified technicians are performing equipment quality tests, bacteria tests, and Total Dissolve Solids (TDS) tests to confirm everything is functioning properly within the filtration system. Fillpure ongoing tests and research shows that we are dedicated to give your pharmacies a water filtration system that serves only the highest quality of water every time.

Cost Effective

Gone are the days of buying water jugs and calling a general plumber for your pharmacy water needs. For an all-inclusive price, your pharmacies will receive the utmost care to ensure your pharmacy’s water quality.

Time is money and we know that behind the counter every second counts. Fillpure’s technicians reduce stress and saves time for the pharmacy staff because they will take care of everything, from changing filters to maintaining the equipment properly.

The FillPure Program is designed to work in conjunction with the FillMaster’s digital dispensers to increase your pharmacy’s efficiency. The digital dispensers will reduce the time it takes to reconstitution and flavoring. With so much time saved your pharmacies can get focus on what really matters, their customers.

FillPure Call Center

At FillPure we know how busy it can be behind the pharmacy counter. To make sure that your pharmacies are always prepared for a visit from our technician, our dedicated in-house call center will call your pharmacists to remind them when a visit is scheduled. Our call center will give detailed instructions on what the pharmacy staff should do before a visit, as well as what credentials the technician will be carrying. Because we want to make sure every visit was a success, we will call your pharmacies one last time after the visit to answer any questions that might have been missed. These calls are not only important to us but act as another way for you to be assured that your pharmacies are always being properly serviced.

No More Plumbers

Our technicians are specifically trained in water quality assurance, specifically for pharmacies. By using FillPure your pharmacies can rely on us for all of your plumbing needs. Whatever the problem may be, our technicians and tech service will be able to save your pharmacies time and money through their extensive knowledge of pharmacy water systems. With FillPure, a normal everyday plumber will become an unnecessary expense that you will never have use. You will always have a trusted, expert pharmacy specialized technician handle all of your pharmacy water quality needs.

Over 14,000 pharmacies all around the United States as well as Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. have already been serviced by Fillpure technicians. By automating routine maintenance visits and working with pharmacies to ensure their water quality we promise that the water used for reconstitution continually exceeds quality standards