Water dispensers are a vital instrument for all pharmacies. Dispensers will increase water accuracy, eliminate large water jugs as trash and decrease the time greatly to reconstitute a prescription. Through FillPure’s affiliation with Fillmaster and FLAVOR, FillPure can supply water dispensers to fit the needs of any pharmacy.

fillmaster_manualManual Dispenser

The Fillmaster manual dispenser is the economical choice that is easy and reliable. The manually operated dispensing unit is designed to make safer, more accurate reconstitution available for every pharmacy on any budget.


  • Dispenser connects directly to the pharmacy’s water filtration system, dispensing clean water every time.
  • Dispenser’s knob lets pharmacy staff fill the precise amount of water quickly and easily


  • Eliminates the need for measuring cylinders and water jugs
  • Offers your customers the highest levels of safety and purity for all their reconstituting needs

More than 10,000 pharmacies already rely on the Fillmaster manual dispenser for trouble-free, accurate, pure reconstitution. Easy to use, just simply read the instructions on the prescription to figure out how much water to use

FILLMASTER3200Fillmaster Digital

Fillmaster Digital is a quick, error-proof way to dispense water. The device dispenses exactly how much water a pharmacist needs in a timely manner for reconstitutions. Pharmacists can manually type in the amount of water needed or with an upgrade to the Fillmaster 3600 we can add an integrated barcode scanner that will read the NDC on the bottle. The scanning device knows how much water is required based on the NDC of the drug, so you’re sure your pharmacies are dispensing the correct amount of water, every time.


  • Battery pack operated so the device can be placed anywhere that is convenient for your pharmacies
  • Integrated reconstitution database, to assure that you are dispensing the correct amount of water each time
  • Comes with four stage reverse osmosis (RO), a filtration system that dispenses the highest quality of water
  • Barcode scanner (optional with the Fillmaster 3600) reads over 7,000 NDC codes and knows exactly how much water to dispense without manually typing it in.


  • Saves your pharmacy’s staff time by removing all other extra steps to reconstitute a medication.
  • Saves your pharmacies money. Your pharmacy will no longer have to buy water by the gallon jugs because with the Fillmaster 3400, it connects to your water system


Intelligent, efficient and accurate, the Fillmaster Digital will ensure the highest quality reconstitutions and eliminate the time consuming extra steps required by out dated methods. The digital dispenser will allow your pharmacy team to save time and money behind the counter.

FillMaster_PlusFillmaster Plus

Efficiency and quality, the Fillmaster Plus dispenser combines the best features of FLAVORx and Fillmaster to bring you a powerful, one-of-a-kind pharmacy automation system. Reconstitution couldn’t be more user-friendly. By incorporating the FLAVORx program with Fillmaster digital water dispensing technology, you’ll be getting the best of both worlds. Scanning the barcode of a medication not only queues up how much water your pharmacies need to dispense, it will also provide them with step-by-step flavoring directions right on the screen.


  • Reconstituting a medication can be done in 22 seconds
  • Dispenser connects directly to the Fillpure filtration system, dispensing clean water every time.
  • Saves pharmacies staff time by removing all other extra steps to reconstitute a medication.
  • Integrating barcode scanning
  • Over 7,000 NDC codes that are continuously updated multiple times a year
  • Integrated flavoring database


  • Fillmaster Plus saves pharmacies time and money. Simply scan the NDC barcode making the process of reconstituting faster than ever.
  • Reduce errors and waste due to the integrated barcode scanning device.
  • Reconstituting a medication can be done in 22 seconds, saving pharmacies time and money to do other tasks in the pharmacy.
  • Flavoring medication is made easier with the integrated flavoring database

With the Fillmaster Plus installed in your pharmacies, you will wonder how you ever got by without it. There is simply no faster, easier, or more accurate way to dispense and flavor antibiotics.

Fillmaster dispensers are designed to make a pharmacy more efficient to maximize the productivity of your pharmacies. Installing a water dispenser in your pharmacies can mean more profit, and increase the potential to fill more prescriptions. Please contact your FillPure technician to ask them about installing a Fillmaster dispenser in your pharmacies.