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Low-cost way to manage the quality and integrity of your pharmacy’s water

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FillPure is a cost-effective way to manage the quality and integrity of your pharmacy’s water. For one, all-inclusive price, your pharmacy receives:

  • One annual in-store maintenance visit by a FillPure technician
  • All reverse osmosis (RO) filters and replacement parts
  • Pre and post visit phone calls
  • Access to FillPure Portal for real-time reporting
  • 24/7 phone and online support
  • Fillmaster dispenser database updates, where applicable
  • Complete repair/replacement warranty on all equipment, including dispensers

By having FillPure professionals regularly maintain the RO systems in your pharmacies, you eliminate the need for costly, irregular visits from a plumber. In some cases, pharmacists and technicians are changing RO filters. That’s clearly not a good use of their time and talents. What’s more, we take complete ownership of the maintenance schedule so you don’t have to worry about establishing or managing the maintenance program. It’s on us. The FillPure Portal gives you real-time access to the work being done, so you can always spot-check progress.

Because FillPure is a Fillmaster subsidiary, we also package the program to include maintenance and warranty of the Fillmaster water dispenser. This means you won’t spend another dime on repair or replacement of the Fillmaster dispenser during the annual FillPure visit. This is an important distinction. Other water quality programs are known to nickle and dime for parts and labor during the maintenance visit. Should a warranty claim come in outside of the FillPure visit, parts and equipment are 100% covered. A site visit outside of the annual schedule is an additional expense.